bSecure Project Update and User Group

January 12, 2018

The bSecure project team would like to provide the Campus IT community, and especially administrators of existing firewall services, with an update on the planned migration to the new service, and information on what to expect next.

bSecure User Group

We've set up a bConnected List/Google Group for users of the bSecure service.  We'd like to encourage anyone who currently administers a firewall on campus, or has an interest in information security, to join the group.  We will continue to provide communication via other means but will use this list as a primary method of updating campus firewall service users of the migration project as it progresses.  We also believe that the group will be a valuable resource for the sharing of information regarding the new service amongst members of the campus community.

To join the group, please go to:

Because this group will be discussing matters pertaining to IT Security infrastructure, you will need to apply to join the group, and one of the members of the bSecure team will grant you access.

Firewall Administrator Training

Self-Paced training and documentation for the Palo Alto firewalls on which the bSecure service is based are available on Palo Alto's support site.  In addition, signing up with Palo Alto will ensure that firewall administrators receive notifications of updates to the firewalls’ advanced features such as application identification and threat feeds.  Administrators who utilize these features should be aware of these updates so they can take action to implement policies that will take advantage of them.

You can sign up for access to the Palo Alto support portal and access self-paced training by following the instructions at:

In addition, we are planning one day on-campus training events for firewall administrators in late February.  If you manage a firewall in the campus data center you are strongly encouraged to attend one of these sessions.  You can be added to the list of attendees for a training session by completing the Google Form here:

We will be providing training opportunities for administrators of campus departmental firewall services at a later date.

Data Center Migration Status

As of early January, the new firewalls are operational in the campus data center, and we are beginning user migrations.  We've identified three different classes of migrations for data center firewalls, each of which we expect to handle slightly differently based on the needs of the firewall service user.   We will be in touch with all administrators of data center firewalls in the coming weeks and will begin migrations shortly after.

Other Project Events and Status

We are currently implementing the infrastructure necessary to replace the existing Campus Departmental firewalls and will provide more details about the migration plans for campus firewall services in the coming months.

In February, we expect to begin a pilot of the new VPN service which will replace the existing Campus Remote Access VPN and provide additional security profiles for access to systems and applications which have increased policy and protection requirements.

Any questions or comments regarding the bSecure project can be directed to

Project website: