NetReg is Getting New Functionality

June 24, 2019

Beginning August 13, Offsite Hostname requests will move to NetReg.

Historically, requesting an Offsite Hostname requires two different registration applications: the Off-Site Hosting ( website to complete an off-site hosting request and NetReg ( to register a Security Contact.

The overall process will remain the same and you will be able to:

  • Request hostname(s)
  • Identify Resource Proprietor, Data Protection Levels, etc.
  • Provide DNS details for the DNS Administrator, pending approval

Once the hostname is approved, NetReg will make a request to the DNS Administrator on your behalf. Additionally, Offsite hostname de-registration requests to the DNS Administrator will send a request on your behalf to DNS Administrator to remove the hostname’s DNS record.

More information on the new look and feel can be found here: