NEW: Under IS-3, Information Security is a Shared Responsibility

September 19, 2018
This is a reminder that throughout the UC system, we have a shared responsibility of information security. This can mean everything from daily practices around secure passphrases, encrypting laptops, and setting up CalNet 2-Step, all the way to making sure servers have the latest patches and are behind bSecure firewalls. 

New Policy
The UC Office of the President has recently released an updated system-wide policy, IS-3 that details how we're all expected to support information security.    

This policy is comprehensive and covers the full gamut of protective information security activities each UC location must manage and maintain.  It also clearly outlines the actions staff and faculty must take.  

We're Here to Help
Information Security & Policy are working with leadership to roll out a multi-year program of new processes and actions. We will be a central partner in making sure departments and specific personnel have plenty of notice of new information security expectations.  When in doubt, please reach out.

More Resources
In addition to the policy itself, there are two new FAQs related to IS-3.  The first covers the general scope of IS-3, and the other touches on implementation questions faced by each UC location.

If you have more questions, always feel free to reach out to or join the #IS-3 channel on the UC Tech Slack for specific IS-3 related topics.  
Look forward for more information security awareness information during National Cyber-Security Awareness Month in October!