Security Operations Workgroup (SOW)

Information Security and Policy (ISP) has formed the Security Operations Workgroup, an open forum for IT staff to learn about and provide input on central security solutions. Group meetings are open to anyone who wishes to attend, but will be targeted specifically to departmental IT staff with responsibility for managing information security.

Examples of issues ISP will bring to this group for discussion and review include:

  • Base install configuration for client security software
  • Feature requests for ISP applications (RDM, NetReg, etc.)
  • Implementation of new processes for notification and network blocking
  • Guidelines for appropriate security controls for systems, apps, DB, etc.
  • Suggestions for ISP service additions and improvements

The group is chaired by Allison Henry, Acting Manager, ISP Operations Group.

The first meeting of the Security Operations Workgroup was held in February 2010, and meetings are scheduled every other month. We have set up a CalAgenda invite for anyone who would like to have the meetings show up on their calendars, so please contact to request to be added to the invite.

All meetings announcements and communications take place through the UCB-Security Mailing List. Currently registered campus security contacts have been invited to join the list, and we accept and review requests from all staff with IT security responsibilities who wish to participate.

Campuswide security is a shared responsibility and as such, will be most successful if the development and implementation of central security solutions involves input and engagement from departmental IT staff. We look forward to working with IT staff across campus to improve security for students, faculty, and staff.

Past Agendas and Events: