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What We Do

NetReg is a self-service network registration portal developed by Information Security and Policy (ISP) to help campus departments and security contacts maintain network registration information for IP address space, devices, and restricted data applications and systems.

Why We Do It

UC Berkeley Departmental Security Contact Policy requires that campus departments designate a Security Contact to receive security email notifications and alerts for their networked devices.  NetReg provides a centralized, self-service portal to administer the registration of security contacts and networked devices to meet these policy requirements.

Who Benefits

  • Security Contacts
  • Campus Departments

How to Get Started

Please visit the NetReg "Getting Started" guide for login instructions and information about key features.

Or, login to NetReg now.

Service Details and Additional Information

The Details of the NetReg Service page contains an introduction to the features and benefits of NetReg.

For further information, please visit:

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