Network Assets

Security Contacts in NetReg register or claim network assets. Network assets include subnets as defined by the network group, IP addresses, subdomains, off-site hostnames, devices and and protected data applications.


As defined by NOS, either IPv4 or IPv6. NOS allocates subnets. Security Contacts claim subnets (also known as CIDR blocks) for the purpose of obtaining security notices involving those IP addresses.

Individual addresses:

Individual IP addresses (IPv4 only) can also be registered to Security Contacts. They are requested and transferred among Security Contacts. This applies only to IPv4 as IPv6 address space will not be subdivided beyond NOS assigned CIDR blocks within NetReg.


Security Contacts may also register subdomains in order to facilitate finding, requesting and transferring individual IP addresses.

Registered subdomains are also used to facilitate self-registration of Fixed DHCP address registrations with automatically generated DNS hostnames (e.g.,

Off Site Hostnames:

Security Contacts must register off-site hostnames for the purposes of scanning, incident tracking and notification.


Devices (i.e., Ethernet MAC addresses) are registered for the purpose of using the campus DHCP service and to obtain security notices involving those devices.

University owned devices should be registered by the Department (or Group) Security Contact. Personally owned devices can be registered by using your Individual Security Contact context.

Protected Data Applications:

PD Applications are any servers, or collections of servers, and other computers that store, process or transfer protected data.  PD Applications are registered in order to receive enhanced monitoring and to comply with policy.

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