Protected Data Applications: Add Profile

To register a new Protected Data (PD) Application, login to NetReg and click the PD Applications -> Protected Data Applications link from the left-hand menu.

Complete each field on the Add a Protected Data Application form and click Save

A description of each field and expected input is shown below:

Form Field Expected Input Example
PD Application Name A human readable, friendly name for your PD Application. My UC P3 Web App
Description A brief description of your PD Application, its function, and types of data handled. Include any common names/acronyms of the application. The My UC P3 Web App (MPWA) stores student and staff Social Security Numbers for the purposes of enrollment.
Data Protection Level Select the appropriate Data Protection Level for your PD Application according to the Berkeley Data Classification Standard. UC P3
Data Protection Level Approved

Whether ISO has reviewed and approved the Data Protection Level. (Field designated by ISO)

Yes | No
Availability Level Impact on Business operations if the application or system goes down. A3
Availability Level Approved Whether ISO has reviewed and approved the Availability Level. (Field designated by ISO)
Application URLs A list of URLs or Windows file share URLs used to access or identify your application or system.



Record Quantity Approximate number of data records stored, transmitted, or handled by your application. >5000
MSSEI Self-Assessment Link A link to your application or system's MSSEI Self-Assessment Plan. Typically a link to a Google Doc. ex:
Link to Review Document If a review of your MSSEI Self-Assessment Plan has been completed by ISO, a link will be available here. (Field designated by ISO) ex:

A sample screenshot of the PD Application Profile Edit page:

Protected Data Application View

Protected Data Application Edit

Protected Data Application Edit Help Page