Restricted Data Management (RDM)

Restricted Data Management (RDM)

What We Do

Information Security and Policy (ISP) offers an internally developed application called Restricted Data Management (RDM). RDM assists campus departments with tracking information systems containing University data restricted by laws and policies.

RDM collects information on the data elements contained in the system and/or paper systems used to store and host the data.

Why We Do It

RDM information is used by ISP to provide enhanced security services for systems containing restricted data. See the FAQ below to see how we monitor RDM systems and provide enhanced security services.

Who Benefits

Campus stakeholders that handle restricted data benefit from enhanced security services and response times by registering their systems in RDM. In the event of a security incident or breach, additional log data may be available for systems registered in RDM.

How to Get Started

RDM registration is available for information systems with a data classification of PL2 or higher. Please see the Berkeley Data Classification Standard to understand your system's classification level.

To get started:

Service Details and Additional Information

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