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For questions about UC Berkeley's IS-3 implementation project or Units interested in detailed information about IS-3.

For questions or issues related to Campus or UC Systemwide IT Policy.

For questions about Socreg, the self-service asset registration portal developed by ISO for campus contacts to maintain network registration information and to meet policy requirements.
For questions about the Restricted VPN service, a highly monitored version of the campus VPN for users who access and control a large quantity of restricted data or key IT infrastructure.
For questions on the various assessment services ISO offers to help the Berkeley campus community comply with Policies and requirements.
For questions on the Shared Firewall Service providing basic firewall coverage for departments needing to protect their administrative computing networks, including workstations and printers.
For questions on the logging and analysis software used to aid in managing, correlating, and detecting suspicious activities related to the campus' most critical data assets.
For questions on our network scanning services used to proactively discover vulnerabilities on campus systems.
For questions related to Unit Information Security Lead roles, responsibilities, or assistance with Unit IS-3 Implementation.

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