Departmental Network Vulnerability Scanning

 Departmental Network Vulnerability Scanning

What We Do

In addition to our Campus-wide Network Vulnerability Scanning service, ISP offers the use of our scanning tools to campus departmental IT staff for proactive discovery of vulnerabilities on the systems they support. We offer local departmental IT staff:

  • An account on our Nessus server and access to a web UI to configure and launch scans
  • Access to perform custom, on-demand scans of your department's network devices
  • A regularly scheduled full vulnerability scan with results sent as an encrypted ZIP via email

Why We Do It

In order to gain control of computers and other network systems, hackers must first find a way in. Much like a burglar testing the door locks and windows before breaking in to a house, hackers will often test a system's defenses for weaknesses. Once a weakness is found, it can be exploited to take control of the system. So how strong are your computer's defenses?

Departmental security administrators can use Information Security and Policy (ISP) tools to find these weaknesses, or "vulnerabilities", on the systems they support before they are discovered by hackers.

Who Benefits

Departmental IT staff who wish to take a proactive approach to security, and eliminate vulnerabilities on departmental systems before they are discovered by hackers, can benefit from this service.

How to Get Started

Please email with your request for a departmental Nessus scanner account, indicating your departmental affiliation and security contact email address.

Service Details and Additional Information

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