Data Syncing Services

Sync Services

Sync service backups can be set up through Google Drive or Box and both encrypt the data in transit and at rest. However, these services are only suitable for P2 and P3 data - not P4, review what data can be stored in my UC Berkeley Google accounts (bMail, bCal, bDrive, etc.). If you are unsure of the type of data you are backing up, contact us at first.

Note: Sync services will not necessarily protect you from Ransomware if you are using an automatic sync client software (e.g. Box Sync, Google Backup and Sync, Google Drive File Stream). You may be able to restore files to previous versions (varies) but the Sync clients will synchronize encrypted, infected files just like anything else you place in the sync folders.

Sync services should not be used as a long-term backup solution.