Identity and Access Management Services


Our CalNet team operates a large portfolio of services to meet the identity and access needs of UC Berkeley. These services can be broken down into five primary categories listed below. For a live view of current CalNet projects, see the CalNet Roadmap. Visit CalNet's Website for more information.

Identity Data Services (IDDS)

CalNet curates identity data from several University systems of record. Identity Data Services represent a suite of technology solutions that allow campus programmers with complex needs to consume identity data to make access control and resource provisioning decisions. 

Access Services

CalNet maintains Single Sign On (SSO) services that allow campus community members to use the same account to access many different online applications. Access Services are consumed by application owners who need to leverage SSO to manage access to their applications.

Account Services

Account Services provide the tools that individuals need to manage and maintain their digital access credentials and accounts.

User Support Services

User Support Services provides authorized University technology support staff with the tools they need to be able to diagnose and remedy access errors.

Internal Services

CalNet requires flexible, scalable infrastructure components to move and maintain large amounts of identity data.  Internal Services are consumed or maintained by CalNet to facilitate the delivery of the service portfolio.