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Cybersecurity: What You Need to Know
Thursday, May 20, 1:00 to 2:00 PM PST Zoom webinar. 

Elvis Chan, Supervisory Special Agent, FBI, and Patrick Phelan, Chief Information Security Officer, UCSF

Cybersecurity is a key issue for us in our private lives — think identity theft — and at the national scale — such as federal elections. For scientists in academic & commercial labs, threats include IP theft, ransomware, and hacktivism. Where are we vulnerable to those who want to disrupt or steal from us? How can we do the best possible job of protecting ourselves and the organizations we serve? Join us to learn best practices from the FBI's Elvis Chan, who manages San Francisco's Cyber Branch, which is responsible for cyber investigations and digital forensics, and Patrick Phelan, chief information security officer at UCSF.

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Educause - Cybersecurity and Privacy Professionals Conference
June 8 - June 10 - Online

We’ve all adapted to new ways of working, learning, and connecting, but there’s much more to be done to restore, evolve, and transform cybersecurity and privacy in higher education. This is the only higher education event that gives you a chance to network and discuss information security and privacy trends and issues with your peers and corporate partners.

Make time for a transformative experience this summer. Register and join your colleagues this June!

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UC Davis Information Security Symposium
June 15-16 Online

As technology advances, so do the threats. The smart, principled use of security and technology to confront these threats is a high priority for California's universities and state agencies.

On June 15-16, 2021, technical professionals and administrative managers from all University of California campuses and medical centers / health systems, and from California state agencies and state universities, will convene at this virtual symposium hosted at UC Davis. This event, which normally meets every other year, provides an opportunity to meet and discuss issues and strategies concerning computer, network, and information security. It's an ideal place to meet your peers, and to exchange ideas and solutions. 

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Diana Initiative
July 16-17

A conference focused on Women, Diversity, and Inclusion in Information Security.
General admission tickets are $5. There are also free tickets for the unemployed, under-employed, students of all kinds, military veterans, and more.