Offsite Hosting in NetReg

Offsite hostname registration is available through NetReg.

In NetReg you can:

  • Request hostname(s)
  • Identify Resource Proprietor, Data Protection Levels, etc.
  • Provide DNS details for Hostmaster, pending approval

Once the hostname is approved, NetReg will make a request to Hostmaster on your behalf. Additionally, Offsite hostname de-registration requests to the Hostmaster will send a request on your behalf to Hostmaster to remove the hostname’s DNS record.

Below is documentation for viewing, requesting, and editing hostnames.

View Managed Offsite Hostnames

The Offsite Hostname landing page within NetReg displays request status, actual DNS (if approved), and the original request number among other data

Offsite Hostname View

Request an Offsite Hostname

Log onto NetReg: Under Network Assets select “Offsite Hostname” on the left side menu. Then select Add Offsite hostname at the top of the page. 

Fill out the form to request a new Offsite hostname and hit Save.  A request will be created with ISO to track all the requirements for an Offsite hostname. 

A Resource Proprietor is required before the request can be approved and you may wish to discuss that role with ISO as part of approving your request.  When you select a Resource Proprietor, ISO will send them a separate message asking if they agree to the Resource Proprietor responsibilities.

Once approved, the information in the three Hostmaster fields will be forwarded to Hostmaster on your behalf.  (They can be edited up until the request for an Offsite hostname is approved.)

Add Offsite Hostname

Edit an Existing Offsite Hostname

To Edit an existing Offsite hostname click on the pencil to the left of the hostname. All fields in blue can be edited by the requestor. Once approved, fields with red labels can only be edited by ISO staff but are displayed to Security Contacts.

Edit Offsite Hostname