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Aggressive IP Distribution (AID) List

Utilize our list of hosts known to be attacking campus systems and proactively stop them at your network or host-based firewall

Application Security Testing Program (ASTP)

A consultative penetration testing service for campus applications handling sensitive data

California State CPHS Data Security Assessment

An assessment service for researchers that must meet California State Committee for the Protection of Human Subjects (CPHS) data security requirements

Campus-wide Network Vulnerability Scanning

Our vulnerability scanners continuously probe the campus network for security flaws

Departmental Network Vulnerability Scanning

Security Contacts can request an account to perform on-demand scanning of their department's devices

Log Correlation

Enroll systems to send log files to our centralized logging system for security event monitoring and analysis

MSSEI Assessment Service

Guided compliance assessments against campus minimum security standards


Manage departmental security contact information and register devices for campus DHCP service

Network Intrusion Detection Systems

Intrusion detection systems deployed at the network border automatically detect security incidents

Vendor Security Assessment Program

An assessment service for third-party vendors that handle UC P3 and P4 data on behalf of the University.