Meet Your CISO


Jeremy Rosenberg is UC Berkeley's Chief Information Security Officer where he directs and coordinates the campus information risk governance program. Jeremy has over 15 years of technology management experience in higher education and he is an accomplished programmer, software architect, and technology leader. Before joining UC Berkeley as the manager of the Identity and Access Management team (CalNet) in 2014, Jeremy was the Associate Director of Identity and Access Management for Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, British Columbia. He is proud to continue enabling the important mission of the University.

The Role

The CISO provides leadership to campus-wide committees and workgroups of campus policy-makers, senior administrators, and lead technical staff from various departments in the active analysis, discussion and development of information security policy and strategic campus technology directions. The position also co-chairs the Information Risk Governance Committee; the primary governance body for information security and privacy at UC Berkeley 

The CISO oversees the direction of critical operational Campus security functions and services, such as incident response, breach management, and network intrusion detection. The CISO reports directly to the Associate Vice Chancellor for IT and Chief Information Officer, Larry Conrad.


The CISO serves as a co-chair, along with the campus Privacy Officer, for the Information Risk Governance Committee (IRGC) to provide the campus framework for institutional governance of information risk. 

Jeremy Rosenberg

Jeremy Rosenberg