One IT Goals for the Information Security Office (ISO)

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ISO Mission

We protect the campus community and the University by safeguarding data, privacy, and IT Resources while promoting a culture of shared responsibility for information security.

ISO Vision

  • We envision a campus community engaged in protecting the information and privacy of individuals and the institution. 

  • We aim for security and identity solutions that are transformative and frictionless. 

  • We strive to be leaders who defend the campus mission of teaching, research and public service.

ISO Values

  • Trust: We work with integrity to provide reliable, timely, and confidential expertise.

  • Balance: We strive to balance the competing priorities between academic, research, and administrative needs and information security risk.

  • Collaboration: We form meaningful relationships that encourage engagement and discourse to strengthen security practices.

  • Dedication: We commit to proactively solving problems and making a positive impact for the public good.

FY22/23 ISO One IT Goals to Support Campus Strategies

Goal 1:

Provide all students the essential tools and data they need to be engaged thinkers and global citizens.

Goal 2:

Facilitate researchers to adopt fully the best practices of secure computing and data management, making available secure solutions coupled with supporting educational, consulting and outreach.

Goal 3:

Create a diverse and inclusive community of IT professionals who are trusted and strategic partners with the campus, alumni, and the public.

Goal 4:

Sustain and improve the IT security foundation for campus faculty, staff, students, and alumni.

ISO Priorities:

  • MICS/ISO Web Application Security Testing Course

  • Cybersecurity Handbook for Students

ISO Priorities:

  • IS-3 Implementation Project

ISO Priorities:

  • UC Gender Recognition and Lived Name

ISO Priorities:

  • IS-3 Implementation Project

  • Extend Security Services to post-pandemic workforce: Cloud and Data Center

  • Information Security Policy Work

  • Annual unit self-assessment service development

  • Tableau Implementation for unit self-assessment annual reporting

  • Gramm Leach Bliley Act (GLBA) Compliance Plan

  • Campus Access Management Evaluation