CISPC Membership Details

Interested in joining CISPC?

CISPC is an advisory body that makes recommendations to support IRGC in its central role in setting information security and privacy policy for the Campus. The role of CISPC is to research and analyze privacy and information security topics on behalf of the Information Risk Governance Committee (IRGC)

IRGC appoints campus staff and students with a strong interest in information security, privacy, or (ideally) both as CISPC members. Individuals can also volunteer for CISPC membership, subject to committee review, and subsequent IRGC approval. Subject matter expertise and willingness to serve, as well as working group service,  are taken into consideration on membership decisions. 

CISPC reports findings directly to IRGC. Minority opinions on issues will be presented to IRGC together with majority recommendations. In other words, serious debate is welcome.

This committee will assist IRGC in addressing questions such as:

  • What information about people and activities may Information Security collect and in what ways may they use this information?
  • May security monitoring examine the contents of network traffic looking for specific data?
  • May the campus block web traffic to suspected phishing sites?
  • Other privacy topics
  • Other security topics

CISPC members must commit to 2 hrs/month for CISPC general meetings and 8 hrs/month for additional CISPC work commitments. See the CISPC Charter for additional information about committee mission, areas of focus, and procedures.

CISPC is a great opportunity for professional development in the areas of:

  • Information security
  • Privacy
  • Technology
  • Research and analysis
  • Group discussion/debate 
  • Report writing
  • Committee leadership and facilitation
  • Cross-campus collaboration and relationship building

If you are interested in this opportunity to engage and advise senior campus leadership on important issues,
ontact to express your interest in joining the committee.