Covered Data

The phrase "covered data" refers to Berkeley campus data classified as Protection Level 1 and Protection Level 2 data, as defined in the Berkeley Data Classification Standard.

Berkeley campus data is information prepared, managed, used, or retained by an operating unit or employee of UC Berkeley relating to the activities or operations of the University.  Berkeley campus data does not include individually-owned data, which is defined as an individual’s personal information that is not related to University business.

Resource Custodian

The authorized University personnel who have physical or logical control over the Electronic Information Resource.  This includes, for example, central campus information technology departments with maintenance responsibility for an application; departmental system administrators of a local area network; and database administrators for campus-wide or departmental databases.  This role provides a service to the Resource Proprietor.

Resource Proprietor

The individual designated responsibility for the information and the processes supporting the University function.  Resource Proprietors are responsible for ensuring compliance with federal or state law or regulation or University policy regarding the release of information according to procedures established by the University, the campus, or the department, as applicable to the situation.  Responsibilities of Resource Proprietors may include, for example: specifying the uses for a departmentally-owned server; establishing the functional requirements during development of a new application or maintenance to an existing application; and determining which individuals may have access to an application or to data accessible via an application.  All Electronic Information Resources are University resources, and Resource Proprietors are responsible for ensuring that these Resources are used in ways consistent with the mission of the University as a whole.