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Quickly jump to common information security and policy tasks and related applications.

Common Tasks

Report a Security Incident
Instructions for how to report Security Incidents such as an intrusion, breach, and computer/network misuse

Respond to a Security Notice
Look here if you have received a security notice from Information Security and Policy (ISP) for information about each type of notice and how to respond

Report a Stolen or Lost Device
Take these steps as soon as possible if your laptop, tablet, or phone has been stolen or lost

Request a Policy Exception
Instructions and a form to request an Exception to the campus minimum security standards

Submit an Off-Site Hosting Request
Use this link to submit a request form for hosting data services off-campus with a third-party service provider

ISP Applications

Login to NetReg
NetReg is used to manage deparmental security contact information and to register device for campus DHCP service

Login to Restricted Data Management (RDM)
RDM is used as a registry for systems that handle restricted data, enabling those systems to receive enhanced security services