Apple Ends Support for Quicktime on Windows

June 13, 2016


Apple has announced that it will no longer support Quicktime on Windows. [1]
This means that Quicktime on Windows is now unsupported software and should not be used in compliance with the Minimum Security Standards for Network Devices (MSSND) campus security policy. [2]


There are multiple zero-day, remote code execution vulnerabilities that Apple has announced they will not be patching. [3]


  • Apple Quicktime on Microsoft Windows platforms


  • All users should remove Quicktime on Windows machines.

How to remove Quicktime on Windows:

  • Managed Berkeley Desktops with Self-Service have an offer to remove Quicktime on Windows, even if the user has non-admin privileges. Self-Service is available on non-Berkeley Desktops as well if a department has opted into the the service delivered via the BigFix platform and run by EEI. [4]

  • IST customers with Windows machines should coordinate with their service providers to ensure Quicktime is uninstalled on server assets.

  • Unmanaged Windows systems can follow Apple's instructions for removing Quicktime. [5]