Claim Your Subnets

October 8, 2021

Why Claim Your Subnets?

Because then you will get those fun and cheerful security notices! Yay!

Seriously, ISO monitors all campus IP address space.  When we find a problem we notify the Security Contact that claims the subnet so they can fix the problem.  If we cannot contact anyone, and the problem is serious, we will block the IP Address.  Now you have to troubleshoot a connectivity issue without knowing the underlying reason and you still have a serious security issue.  

How to Register a Subnet to your Security Contact

  1. Login to Socreg,

  2. Select the Security Contact to which the subnet should belong

  3. Select ‘Subnets’ from the sidebar

  4. Click ‘Claim Unclaimed Subnets’ button

  5. Click ‘Claim’ button next to your Subnet

Periodic Review

You should periodically review all the Security Contact of which you are a member.  Review the Security Contacts’ email address (where we send security notices), membership and assets for correctness and completeness.