Cybersecurity: What you need to know in 2022 - a QB3 Webinar

June 22, 2022

Cybersecurity is a key issue for us in our private lives — think identity theft — and on the national scale — such as in federal elections. For scientists in academic and commercial labs, threats include Intellectual Property (IP) theft, ransomware, and hacktivism.

Where are we most vulnerable to those who want to disrupt or steal from us?

How can we do the best possible job of protecting ourselves and the organizations we serve?

Available exclusively to the UC Berkeley community, this video teaches best practices from the FBI's Elvis Chan, who manages San Francisco’s Cyber Branch, which is responsible for cyber investigations and digital forensics, and Allison Henry and Patrick Phelan, chief information security officers at UC Berkeley and UCSF respectively. 

Screen showing QB3 Webinar Title Slide