Global Google Phishing Alert

May 3, 2017

To the campus community,

On Wednesday, May 3rd, we learned of a global phishing attack targeting the nearly 1 billion people who use Google email, including members of the campus community. You may have received an email that a Google Doc had been shared with you by a person you know. These were fraudulent emails sent as part of that cyber attack.

Within an hour of the attack being identified and reported, Google was able to take down the malicious app.  UC Berkeley IT teams identified the Gmail accounts that were affected and revoked access to the malicious app. We will contact those account holders directly if any other action is needed. Based on what we know from Google, the impact of this attack was isolated to the contact addresses of those users who authorized the malicious app. No further action is required by users to prevent this app from spreading or from sharing their contacts.

Staying Safe in Cyberspace

One of the top threats to cyber security on campus continues to be Phishing email scams like the one today.  Please take a few minutes to learn how to protect yourself against these threats in the future:


Please contact Campus Shared Services IT by calling 510-664-9000 or if you have questions about this incident.