New Phishing Awareness Campaign

June 23, 2020

Why "Fight the Phish"?

While the COVID-19 pandemic has created several new cybersecurity risks in the form of phishing attacks, scammers have used this method for as long as the internet has been around to trick people into giving up sensitive information. To assist in mitigating these risks to campus, the Information Security Office created Fight the Phish,” an awareness campaign to help educate our campus users on ways to identify, avoid, and report phishing attacks. 

Phishing scams can have several goals, including:

  • Stealing money from victims; by modifying direct deposit information, draining bank accounts

  • Performing identity theft; running up charges on credit cards, opening new accounts

  • Purchasing items;  buying gift cards, tricking victims into working on their behalf

  • Getting victims to act; clicking on malicious links, installing malware on their devices

Protect yourself; Visit our Fight the Phish pages

By learning how to identify, avoid, and report phishing emails you are playing an active role in protecting not only yourself, but the campus community. If you keep your guard up and report phishing emails, that's one less opportunity for attackers to exploit someone you work with, teach, or support.