Phishing Example: Google Docs Download

February 22, 2016

What makes this a Phishing message?

  • The sender address attempts to appear to be from Google but is clearly a fake address.
  • The look and feel of the message is a forgery of the typical notification received when a Google doc is shared.
  • The "Secure Message" link does not point to a Google doc, it leads to a malicious website.

Original Message:

Subject: Download Doc
From: Google Doc <>
Date: 2/22/2016 5:45 AM

Google Docs phish example

Warning:  The links and email addresses included in these messages are from real-life examples, do not attempt to explore them.

The most dangerous links have been removed - you can hover your cursor over these links to see the original address in a pop-up techtip (instead of in the corner of the browser window).

Report suspected phishing emails to Be sure to include the entire text of the message, including the email header.