Phone Phishing and Telephone Spoofing Scam

January 27, 2020

We have become aware that identity thieves are calling individuals on campus via landline or cellular devices asking for personal information. Remember to be vigilant and careful about protecting your personal information.

We work very hard to protect our voice network; however, attackers may try to use a technology called spoofing to trick you into giving up information.  Spoofing is the practice of deliberately falsifying the information transmitted to your caller ID to pretend to be someone else.  

If you have a phone with caller ID be aware that the number may be spoofed to look like a number from someone on campus, someone you know, or a business that you are familiar with. Berkeley staff will never call or text to ask for the following information:

  • Your password to your voicemail
  • Your CalNet ID or passphrase
  • Your Social Security number
  • Your Zoom or other conferencing passwords
  • Credit card information to pay for services
  • Credentials to access one of your accounts

If you receive  a call asking for these types of information, it is most likely a scam. If you feel uneasy about a call, hang up and dial UCPD at (510) 642-6760 or email telecom at