Updates to implementation plan for combating illegal file-sharing on Campus

August 5, 2019

File-sharing can heighten risks to you and the University. As an Internet Service Provider (under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act), UC Berkeley does not monitor its networks for the purpose of discoveringillegal activity. However, we act to make sure that Copyright, especially as it applies to digital assets, is respected within the Campus community.

In keeping with our obligations under the Higher Education Opportunity Act, the Information Security Office, along with the Center for Student Conduct, Student Affairs IT, and Campus Counsel have updated the Campus Combating Illegal File-Sharing page.

Structural changes in the new version included simplifying the document writing, and updating unit names, outdated links, and referenced documents.

Several content changes were made to Appendix A Section D: Civil/Criminal Liabilities / Penalties for Violation of Federal Copyright Law in order to provide more complete information. Added was a summary of penalties for the violation of Federal Copyright Laws, clarity around copyright infringement and sanctions, and links to additional resources including legal file-sharing options.

Section II.A was also updated to reflect currentCampus technology-based deterrents that combat infringing activity. Specifically, the wireless routing infrastructure prevents most peer-to-peer file-sharing programs from making content available for download

If you have any questions, please contact security@berkeley.edu.