WEX/Discovery Benefits Email

September 9, 2021

The UC Office of the President has notified us that UC employees received an email yesterday from WEX Health (formerly Discovery Benefits) alerting them to a change in the profile information in their online WEX account. You do not need to respond to their message. This change was made in error and is being corrected. Please note that the error is not the result of a security breach and UC employee data has not been compromised. UCOP has apologized for any confusion or alarm this has caused and are working with the vendor to ensure it does not happen again.

What went wrong?

A test file sent to WEX Health was incorrectly loaded into WEX’s production system by the vendor. As a result, when you log into your WEX account (if you have one), you will see a different employee’s name on your account. In addition, your address was changed to a test address (the UC Office of the President address), and your date of birth was changed to January 1st. 

Who was affected?

All employees eligible for Faculty/Staff benefits were included on the test file (about 147,000 records).  

How will this be resolved? 

WEX will load an updated eligibility file, which intends to correct the data in their system, by end of day, September 9, 2021. The cause of the problem has been identified and action has been taken to prevent this type of error from occurring in the future. 

What happens next?

After WEX has loaded the corrected file, affected employees will receive two emails from WEX – one explaining what happened, and one similar to the message sent on September 8, 2021, which notes their account information has been updated. No action is required by employees.

Questions may be sent to Heather McHugh (heather.mchugh@ucop.edu) or Hui-Ling Wang (hui-ling.wang@ucop.edu) at the UC Office of the President.