Zoom Version 5 Available

April 30, 2020

Zoom V. 5 is available for download

The newest version further addresses issues related to security and privacy

Specific changes include these user experience/controls

  • Security icon: Zoom’s security features are now grouped together and located in the "Security" icon in the host's meeting menu bar.
  • Robust host controls: Hosts will be able to “Report a User” to Zoom (to report abuse to campus: zoom-misuse@berkeley.edu) via the Security icon. Hosts can now also disable the ability for participants to rename themselves.
  • Screen sharing settings: These settings now default to the host only.
  • Waiting Room default-on: Waiting Room is now on by default for educational accounts and hosts can now activate the Waiting Room while their meeting is already in progress.
  • Cloud recordings passwords: Passwords are now set by default to all those accessing cloud recordings (aside from the meeting host) and require a complex password. See our page on securing cloud Zoom recordings.

We recommend users update immediately. The update is accessible for manual download through the desktop-client:

  • Open the Zoom application on your system and select “Check for Updates...” from the zoom.us drop-down menu

Alternatively, there are instructions to download new version updates available through the Zoom site page: Where Do I Download the Latest Version

Note: depending on how Zoom was initially installed you may need an admin password to update. Contact ITCS itcsshelp@berkeley.edu or your departmental IT staff for assistance if your system prompts you for admin credentials.