Details of the NetReg Service


NetReg is a self-service network registration portal developed by Information Security and Policy (ISP) to help campus departments and security contacts maintain network registration information for IP address space, devices and restricted data systems.

NetReg Features and Improvements

Following are some of the features and benefits of NetReg.

Centralized administration:  NetReg provides one place to access several network security registration services including:

  • Security contact role administration
  • Registration of subnets, IP address space, and networked devices for routing of security notifications
  • DNS subdomain and off-site hostname registration
  • Device registration for DHCP services

Role-based administation:  Assets in NetReg (e.g., subnets, IP addresses, sub-domains, devices, etc.) are assigned to security contact roles.  Only authorized members of a contact role can make registration changes and receive security notifications for those assets.

Self-service administration:  Administration tasks, such as changes to IP address space allocation and administration of DNS off-site hostnames, are self-managed.  No need to contact IST or the hostmaster.

NetReg not only helps campus departments maintain security contact information, but also improves upon the previous security contact registration program in many ways.  The NetReg service provides:

  • 100% coverage of allocated UC Berkeley IP addresses for routing security notices to the right party
  • Assurance that security contacts are authorized to manage registered assets and information
  • Improved data integrity related to security contact membership, organization, assigned network information and more

Future NetReg Features

  • Simplify off-site hostname registration

NetReg Help

Please contact for any questions, or additional support.

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