Details of the NetReg Service

NetReg Features and Improvements

The following are some of the features and benefits of NetReg.

Centralized administration:  NetReg provides one place to access several network security registration services including:

  • Security contact administration
  • Registration of subnets and IP addresses 
  • Off-site hostname registration
  • Cable ID Information for registered devices, IP addresses, and subnets
  • Device registration for DHCP services

Role-based administration: Assets in NetReg (e.g., subnets, IP addresses, devices, restricted data applications) are assigned to security contact roles.  Only authorized members of a contact role can make registration changes and receive security notifications for those assets.

Self-service administration:  Administration tasks such as: claiming new subnets, registration of MAC addresses for DHCP service, are self-managed.  No need to contact ISO.

NetReg helps campus departments maintain security contact information and improves upon the previous security contact registration program by providing:

  • 100% coverage of allocated UC Berkeley IP addresses for routing security notices to the right party
  • Assurance that Security Contacts are authorized to manage registered assets and information
  • Improved data integrity related to security contact membership, organization, assigned network information and more

Future NetReg Features

  • Simplify off-site hostname registration

NetReg Help

Contact for any questions or additional support.

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