Create Role

To create a new, primary Department Security Contact (DSC):

  • Click the Request a Department Security Contact link in the left nav bar
  • ISO will conduct an intake process and will create the DSC

To create a Group Security Contact (GSC) within your DSC:

  1. Select 'Group Security Contact' from the left menu bar
  2. Click 'Add Group Security Contact'
  3. Provide information about the new Security Contact and its first member.  Click the 'Help' button for help on specific fields
  4. Click 'Save' to add the GSC

To request a Group Security Contact (GSC) in another DSC:

  1. From your Individual Security Contact
  2. Search for the Department Security Contact to send the request to
  3. Enter basic information about your new Group Security Contact
  4. Send the request

Please contact for any questions, or additional support.