Register Devices

Registering Devices for use with Campus DHCP Service

To utilize the Campus DHCP Service, available on campus wired networks, it is necessary to register network devices in NetReg for IP address assignment.  IP addresses are assigned to devices on the campus network in one of two ways:  Fixed assignment and Dynamic assignment 

In addition to registering a device for use with the Campus DHCP Service, device registration also allows the Security Contact to receive security notices for that device when it is connected to the campus wired networks.

Device Attributes

Devices can have the following attributes:

MAC address (Required):   Ethernet address (e.g., 11:ab:22:cd:33:ef)
Device Name (Optional):  An identifier provided by the registrant (max length 63 characters)
Dynamic DNS Hostname (Optional):  For use with Dynamic IP address assignment only

Additional attributes available for Department or Group Security Contacts:

Assigned CalNet ID (Optional):  The CalNet ID of the person using this device.
Notes (Optional):  Text field for notes (max length 250 characters)
IP Address Assignment Type:  DHCP or Fixed
IP Address:  If present, the device is registered for Fixed IP address assignment with this IP address

IP Address Assignment Type

There are two options for IP Address Assignment Type:

DHCP - Uses the Dynamic assignment of IP addresses for wired connections, when DHCP pool addresses are available on that subnet.

Fixed - The device is registered to use a Fixed IP address assignment when connected to its primary subnet, and uses Dynamic IP address assignment for all other campus subnets.

Dynamic IP Address Assignment

Device registration for Dynamic IP address assignment can be performed by Department or Group Security Contacts for University owned devices, and by Individual Security Contacts for personally owned devices.

The process is the same, other than that Department and Group Security Contacts have some additional field options (see "Device Attributes" above):

  • Login to NetReg and select the Security Contact Role to use

  • Select the "Register devices for DHCP Service" link from the left nav menu

  • Select "Add New Device" and enter the MAC address

  • Fill in desired optional fields and "Submit"

Dynamic DNS

Dynamic DNS allows the campus DHCP servers to associate a DNS hostname (designated in the "Dynamic DNS Hostname" field) with an IP address at the time the address is assigned and throughout the term of the DHCP lease.

Dynamic DNS is only available when Dynamic IP address assignment is used. The DDNS hostname will be <yourDDNShostname>

Fixed IP Address Assignment

Only Department and Group Security Contacts can register Fixed IP address assignments. Registration of Fixed IP addresses requires that the Security Contact have a registered subdomain and subnet with available IP address space. 

If the Security Contact wishes to reuse an IP address that has been previously registered for another device, they must contact (see below).

To register a device with a Fixed IP address assignment:

  • Login to NetReg and select the Security Contact Role to use
  • Select the "Register devices for DHCP Service" link from the left nav menu
  • Select "Add New Device", enter the MAC address and fill in desired optional fields
  • In the "IP Address Assignment Type" field, select "Fixed"
  • Select a "Claimed Subdomain" and "Claimed Subnet" from those available in the drop-down menus and "Submit"

Fixed IP addressing through NetReg will automatically generate the creation of a DNS record (Dynamic DNS is not available).  The registered subnet and subdomain will be used to create the generic hostname in the following format:

Use a DNS lookup tool (e.g., nslookup, dig or host) to verify the hostname assigned to the IP address.

Fixed DHCP For Individual Security Contacts

Individual Security Contacts must contact to register devices with a Fixed IP address for a personally owned device or to edit an existing Fixed IP address registration. 

The Security Contact must first register the device in NetReg, then contact the DNS Administrator with the details listed below to switch the registration to a Fixed IP address assignment.

Contacting the DNS Administrator

When contacting the DNS Administrator for registering a Fixed IP address assignment, or to change the hostname or MAC address of an existing Fixed IP address registration, please include the following information:

  • Your Security Contact context (e.g., Individual, Department or Group)
  • If a Department or Group Security Contact, include the name of your department or group membership
  • The MAC address of the device
  • The name of the subdomain and the subnet address to be used for the registration (if applicable)
  • The IP address to use (if applicable)

Other Information

Registered Device list also includes ARP/NDP information and when available, Cable ID Information.  

  • ARP/NDP IP address history associated with a MAC address

  • Telecommunications Cable ID information associated with a MAC address.

Please contact for any questions, or additional support.