NetReg Documentation

NetReg is a self-service network registration portal developed by the Information Security Office to help campus departments and security contacts maintain network registration information for IP address space, devices, and protected data applications and systems and to meet policy requirements.

It is designed to allow Security Contacts* the ability to update the assets (IP Addresses and Subnets, Offsite Hostnames, Protected Data Applications, etc.) for which they are responsible (from an IT Security perspective.)

*A Security Contact is a role within NetReg composed of individuals.

Information and Definitions:

  • Getting Started:  A quick tour of the NetReg interface
  • Security ContactDefinitions of the types of security contact roles used in NetReg
  • Network Assets:  Definitions of the types of network assets Security Contacts may register and how to register them


Use Cases and Best Practices:

  • Use Cases:  NetReg solutions for common scenarios
  • Best Practices: Periodically review your registrations with these tips
  • NetReg FAQsLook here for answers to common questions

Please contact for any questions or additional support.

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