Cybersecurity Awareness

Preventing Social Engineering Attacks

August 18, 2020
Social Engineering criminals focus their attention at attacking people as opposed to infrastructure. Social engineering begins with research; an attacker may look for publicly available information that they can use against you. These attacks can come in a variety of formats: email, voicemail, SMS messages, DMs, or via social media and attempt to prey on your respect for authority, courtesy, or trust.

Data Privacy Day 2021

January 28th is Data Privacy Day

We’re not going to lie, keeping your digital privacy secure is a task that requires some ongoing maintenance. This year, we are encouraging everyone to “Own Your Privacy,” by providing the resources linked below.

Did you know: in 2020 voters approved Prop 24, which will update the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), including limiting the sharing of personal information for cross-context advertising and the use of your “sensitive” personal information. However,...

Data Privacy Videos 2021

Short videos for protecting your privacy online

Too busy to read our articles? Here are three, short videos to give you some tools to help you "Own Your Privacy."

Data Privacy Day Posters 2020

Only You Control Your Online Presence

Below are poster (11" x 17") and flyers (8.5" x 11") you can use to learn how to protect yourself from cyber criminals.
Click on the image(s) to download the pdf.

Data Privacy Videos 2020

Short videos to educate you on protecting
your privacy online

Too busy to read our articles? No problem! Here are three, short videos to give you some tools to protect yourself from cyber criminals while living and working online.

Holiday Shopping

Holiday shopping on phone

During this pandemic, many of us have been purchasing everything from groceries to household items and even birthday gifts online. E-commerce sales are expected to explode this holiday season and cyber criminals are always working on their next score. With nearly $196 billion expected in sales, the holiday season provides another opportunity for them to try and dupe you. Avoid getting...

Data Privacy and You

January 8, 2020
In honor of International Data Privacy Day, January 28

Data Privacy Day Logo

All of us exist in digital form on the Internet. When you're online you leave a trail of "digital exhaust" in the form of cookies, GPS data, social network posts, browser searches, and email exchanges, among others. Services that you don’t even use may have information about you. And once something is online, it can be there forever.

It is important to...

Department of Homeland Security: Beware Fake Election Websites

August 27, 2020

The FBI has reported an increase in suspicious websites popping up that look like official election websites but are in fact fraudulent. These sites have multiple purposes:

to interfere with the 2020 vote to spread wrong information on how to vote to collect your personal, sensitive information or to get you to download malware on your device.

The URLs of these websites are close imitations of state and federal election websites created with similar URL or domain names, with the goal of catching users who aren't paying close attention or who accidentally enter the wrong address....