Data Privacy Week Posters

Keep It Private

Everything you do online generates data. There is data about your activities, behaviors, and interests. There’s your personal data, like your social security and driver’s license numbers. And there’s data about the physical you, like health data. It’s easy to feel a lack of control over the information collected about you. However, there are steps you can take to learn about the types of data you’re generating online, and how it’s collected, shared, and used. Click on the image(s) to download the pdfs.

Privacy vs Convenience

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Manage Your Privacy

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Protect Your Privacy

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Own Your Privacy

Learn how to review privacy settings for Google Calendar (bCal), Google Groups (bConnected Lists), and Google Drive (bDrive). 

Click on the image(s) to download the pdfs.

Google Calendar (bCal)

Google Calendar

Google Groups (bConnected Lists)

Google Groups

Google Drive (bDrive)

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