LastPass Premium

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UC Berkeley faculty, staff, and students get LastPass Premium - for free!

What is LastPass? 

LastPass is a password manager. Password managers store your usernames and passwords for your online accounts in an encrypted vault that you can access across your devices. Logging into LastPass allows you to easily access, save, and update your passwords - and the only password you have to remember is the master password for your LastPass account. There are other benefits too. You can create and store secure notes to capture  answers to your security questions. And you can store addresses and financial information - all securely.

Why should I use one?

Password managers:

  • generate strong passwords that a human would be unlikely to guess.
  • store several passwords (and responses to security questions) safely.
  • protect all of your passwords with a single master password

Signing up only takes a minute!

How to Sign up for a Free LastPass Premium Account

For detailed instructions on setting up your account: CalNet LastPass Premium

Why Use LastPass?

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How LastPass Works

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Additional Features

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Short Videos to Help You Get Started

LastPass Vault

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LastPass Security Dashboard

LastPass | Security Dashboard

Creating memorable passwords

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Adding and Filing Sites

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Creating Passwords

LastPass 101: Generating a Password

LastPass iOS App

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LastPass Browser Extension

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LastPass Android App

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