How do I request early disabling of CalNet ID or Berkeley email (bMail) accounts?

How do I request early termination of the CalNet or bMail accounts for an ex-employee before the end of the standard 90-day grace period?

Employees have a standard 90-day grace period after they have separated from UC Berkeley, during which they can access limited campus services, such as bMail. In rare cases, a department may want to request early termination of a former employee’s CalNet or Berkeley email (bMail) account before the end of the standard 90-day grace period.

Departments can contact to discuss how to deactivate employee (including volunteer and affiliate) CalNet or bMail accounts immediately or otherwise earlier than the normal grace period. 

Forms and Process:

  • For early disabling of a separated employee’s access, download the Request for Exceptional Disabling of CalNet Account form below for information and instructions. This form is intended to be used for emergency early CalNet account termination. Signed approval by an authorized departmental official is required.
  • If the account suspension is temporary and the employee may eventually return to their position, download the Request for TEMPORARY Disabling of CalNet ID or bMail Account form below for information and instructions. This action is for exceptional circumstances only and must be approved by the employee's Department, Human Resources, and Campus Counsel. 
  • A scanned image of the printed form (with signature) may be submitted by email in lieu of a hard-copy.