The contract has already been signed, what do I do?

My unit is contracting with a 3rd-party service provider for the handling of campus protected data. The contract has already been signed, should I still engage with ISO for a vendor security assessment?

Although there is less bargaining power with the service provider to address security concerns after the contract has already been signed, it is still a good idea to perform a vendor security assessment for service providers who are handling UC P3 or P4 (formerly UCB PL2+) data:

  • If the overall risk level is acceptable, the unit is assured that the vendor meets campus policy for the protection of UC P3 or P4 (formerly UCB PL2+) data.
  • If the overall risk level is High or Critical, it may be necessary to postpone or suspend the service until these issues have been addressed.

Vendors may be more inclined to participate in a security assessment after the contract has been signed, but before the service has been initiated - as billing often does not begin until services have started. 

For VSAP reports with an overall acceptable risk rating, any medium-level risk findings identified in the report should be discussed with the vendor during the next contract renewal period.