NCSAM 2020

Every October we celebrate National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM) by highlighting the importance of cybersecurity. 2020’s theme was #BeCyberSmart.


Three things you can do right now to help protect your CalNet identity:

#1: Add/Verify Your Recovery Email Address 

A Recovery Email Address is a non-berkeley email that receives change notifications for your CalNet account and is required when you reset your passphrase. Learn more:

#2: Update your CalNet Passphrase

If it's been "a while" you should go to and update your passphrase, there is even a NEW option to have a long passphrase (that doesn't require special characters!)

#3: Get a FREE LastPass Premium Account - on us!

UC Berkeley is excited to offer faculty, staff, and students a free LastPass Premium account. This tool manages all your passwords and syncs across all your devices.


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