Up-to-date on updates: Keeping your software fresh

September 6, 2019

Software updates are sort of like exercise: Not everyone thinks about it, but everyone needs it, and they can make a big difference in keeping a system healthy. Let’s take a quick minute to talk about updates.

Updates help keep a piece of software or a system current. Because new threats are being developed all the time, manufacturers will send out fixes and updates to help protect their users from new threats — or just from problems they didn’t find when the software was first made. If you don't download and apply the update to fix the problem, you're basically leaving a door open to attack.

You take a big step in protecting your system when you’re smart about updates. Here are some tips:

  1. Always update the big three. That’s your security software, your web browser, and your operating system. Those three are absolutely critical for keeping you and your information safe!
  2. Enable auto-update and check your programs’ Settings; the option is usually in there to automatically download new updates whenever one’s available.
  3. Even better - subscribe to the campus-wide Berkeley Desktop standard, which automatically keeps desktop software up-to-date. 

For more info about keeping on top of your updates, check out our infographic. ->

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