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Data Privacy Day 2020

Data Privacy Day is an international effort to empower individuals and businesses to respect privacy, safeguard data, and enable trust. 

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Champions represent those dedicated to empowering these efforts.

UC Berkeley is proud to be a Data Privacy Champion.

What is your role in protecting Berkeley Campus Data?

Have you ever copied a work file to your USB drive at the end of the day and wondered, "Is it safe to copy this data Classification Level Pyramidhere?" Have you ever sent an email with a Social Security Number, a credit card number or student grades and wondered "Should I send this in email?"

Security Basics: 101

The basics of campus information security boil down to the following three concerns:  Protecting Yourself, Protecting Devices, and Protecting Data

Protecting Yourself

Protect your personal information by following guidelines for managing passwords, learning how to avoid phishing scams, and by remembering secure computing practices at all times.

Data Privacy Day Posters

Only You Control Your Online Presence

Below are poster (11" x 17") and flyers (8.5" x 11") you can use to learn how to protect yourself from cyber criminals. 
Click on the image(s) to download the pdf.

Why Should We Care About Online Privacy?

January 20, 2020

With the California Consumer Privacy Act taking effect this year, data privacy will become a central issue for businesses in 2020. Consumers conduct much of their lives on the internet, yet few understand the critical issue of privacy and how their personal information is used, collected and shared by businesses. Your data can be stored indefinitely and used in both beneficial and unwelcome ways.

NCSAM 2018

Smart Cybersecurity Habits

As we begin to spend more and more of our time online, it's  becoming increasing important to be able to properly protect ourselves. Follow these 8 tips for forming new and better online habits:

Celebrate Data Privacy Day 2020

January 6, 2020

What's Data Privacy Day?

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Data Privacy and You

January 8, 2020

In honor of International Data Privacy Day, January 28

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All of us exist in digital form on the Internet. When you're online you leave a trail of "digital exhaust" in the form of cookies, GPS data, social network posts, browser searches, and email exchanges, among others. Services that you don’t even use may have information about you. And once something is online, it can be there forever.

Data Privacy Videos

Short videos to educate you on protecting
your privacy online  

Too busy to read our articles? No problem! Here are three, short videos to give you some tools to protect yourself from cyber criminals while living and working online.

Holiday Shopping Videos

Short videos to broaden your online shopping awareness

Too busy to read our articles? No problem! Here are three, short videos to give you some tools to protect yourself from cyber criminals while shopping this season.