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Knowing how to dodge a phishing attack is essential, but launching the correct counter attack is just as important. Make sure to report suspected phishing attacks so that we can remove their threat. Even if the email has official logos or links to a legitimate website, it could still be fraudulent.

If you suspect a message is not valid, call the individual or office that supposedly sent the email to confirm that it's a real request. 

  • Do not click onlinks within an email that you are at all suspicious of.

  • Do not fill out any forms that ask for personal or financial information.

Keep your information safe:

Dodge their attacksand counterby reporting it:

Using the bMail web interface:

  1. Open the message
  2. To the right of 'Reply' arrow, select 'More' (typically denoted with three vertical dots)
  3. Then 'Report phishing'

If you are unable to log into bMail forward the message to

graphics courtesy of Anne Tambe