Data Privacy Day 2021

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January 28th is Data Privacy Day

We’re not going to lie, keeping your digital privacy secure is a task that requires some ongoing maintenance. This year, we are encouraging everyone to “Own Your Privacy,” by providing the resources linked below. 

Did you know: in 2020 voters approved Prop 24, which will update the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), including limiting the sharing of personal information for cross-context advertising and the use of your “sensitive” personal information. However, CCPA 2.0 doesn’t go into effect until Jan. 2023, so until then, it’s up to you to defend your digital rights. 

Tips for Owning Your Privacy:

1. Personal info is valuable. Protect it.

Your purchase history, IP address, location, etc., has value – just like money. Make informed decisions about sharing your data with companies. Consider the amount of personal information you are giving up and weigh it against the benefits you may receive. Use these resources provided by the National CyberSecurity Alliance to update your privacy settings on popular devices and online services.

2. Keep tabs on your apps.

Many apps ask for access to personal information, like geographic location, contacts list or photo album, before you can use their services. Be wary of apps that require access to information that is not required or relevant for the services they are offering. Use these tips from the Data Detox Kit, keep your apps up to date, and delete unused apps on your devices.

3. Manage your privacy settings.

Check the privacy and security settings on web services and apps and set them to your comfort level for sharing. Each device, application or browser you use will have different ways to control how you share information.

Get started with our flyers for Google Calendar, Groups, and Drive and use the Google Privacy Checkup to see where your data is going.

4. Get LastPass Premium - for free!

You don’t need to be overwhelmed by all your log-ins and passwords anymore. The Information Security Office has sponsored LastPass Premium for all students, faculty, and staff.

Learn more about data privacy at UC Berkeley: 

Visit the Office of Ethics Privacy website There you can learn more about things like protecting yourself from doxxing and other privacy-related resources.