Key Faculty Responsibilities

Below are key Faculty responsibilities under the Roles and Responsibilities Policy. These reflect the realities of today’s world and recognize that we need to change the way we do things to protect the university community. Bears protect Bears!



All faculty members and researchers

Policy roles:

  • “User”

  • "Workforce Member”

  • If you’re working with information or systems classified at Protection Level P3 or P4 or Availability Level A3 or A4, you’ll need additional controls. Work with IT to develop a plan.

Managers/supervisors of other people’s work or research

(“Workforce Manager” role)

  • Ensure that everyone you manage/supervise understands their information security responsibilities and receives proper security training
  • Review access rights annually
  • Incorporate information security into processes for hiring, separation, and change of employment

Faculty members in a Researcher role

  • Protect the confidentiality of research subjects and research data. Contacts: CPHS | Research IT
  • Follow your PI’s security protocols

Principal Investigators

  • Work with Research IT on a plan to meet Data Use Agreements and other security requirements
  • Develop clear security protocols for anyone working with you, and review access rights annually
  • Work with your department’s Buyer or Procurement to purchase IT tools, software, or services

Additional roles that faculty may fill

See the policy for responsibilities and more complete definitions. Contact for assistance with these roles.

  • Proprietor: Person with institutional-level responsibility for a set of information or an IT Resource
  • Unit Head: Executive with the authority and resources to accept a Unit’s information security risk
  • Service Provider: Provides an IT service to their Unit or other Campus Units

Additional information: