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Security is everyone’s responsibility. This has always been true, but what does it actually mean for you, personally, as part of the UC Berkeley community? 

The Roles and Responsibilities Policy identifies specific roles and responsibilities for protecting UC IT resources and information. It brings together responsibilities from a variety of UC Berkeley and University of California Policies so everything is in one place. You can read the full Policy here: 


(Full title: Roles and Responsibilities for the Protection of University Institutional Information and IT Resources)

Who Is Affected by the Policy

Everyone has a role -- maybe more than one! -- based on your relationship with the university. Responsibilities range from protecting one's own passphrase to managing security controls for a large system, an entire Unit, or even the Campus. 

The Information Security Office (ISO) has put together a series of guides to help you understand how this Policy impacts you:

Please see the Policy for additional references and resources.

Who Administers the Policy

UC Berkeley’s Roles and Responsibilities Policy is issued under the authority of the Associate Vice Chancellor for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer. Questions about the Policy may be directed to the Information Security Office: