Key Researcher Responsibilities

Below are key Researcher responsibilities under the Roles and Responsibilities Policy. These reflect the realities of today’s world and recognize that we need to change the way we do things to protect the university community. Bears protect Bears!



All Researchers, including student researchers who are conducting research in a Workforce Member capacity

Project Lead: Principal Investigators, Project Directors, faculty sponsors, supervising instructors, mentors -- the individual ultimately responsible for the research

  • Determine the classification of your research data and systems. Contacts: CPHS | Research IT
  • Identify and meet any confidentiality, data security, or incident response obligations relating to the research data
  • For research involving Protected Data:
    • Work with Research IT on a plan to meet Data Use Agreements and other security and confidentiality requirements prior to creating or receiving data
    • Develop clear security protocols for your Researchers to follow, and ensure they receive proper training
    • Review access rights annually

Use IT tools, software, and services that are already approved for campus use whenever possible. Research IT may be able to help with additional tools. Work with your department’s Buyer or Procurement if you must purchase something new.

Additional Roles

For responsibilities outside of the Researcher role, please see these other “key responsibilities” guides:

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Additional information: