Offsite Hostnames

The Information Security Office reviews and approves all new offsite hostnames before the campus DNS Administrator can create the necessary DNS records. 

How to register a new offsite hostname:

  1. Log into with your CalNet ID
  2. Click on the appropriate Unit Security Contact. (If you don't see any Unit Security Contact names, click "My Assets" and the "New Offsite Hostname" button.)
  3. Click on the "Offsite Hostname" button on the left
  4. And then Click "New Offsite Hostname"

Note: an individual can start the request but during the approval process the offsite hostname record will be moved to a Unit Security Contact.  The information required includes:

  • Requested hostname(s)

  • Data Protection Level(s)

  • DNS details for the DNS Administrator 

Once the hostname is approved, Socreg will notify the campus DNS Administrator. Additionally, requests for offsite hostname de-registration will result in a request to the DNS Administrator to remove the hostname’s DNS record.  The request generates a ticket that allows the user to discuss other options if the DNS should be changed rather than removed.

Requests can be edited only until the offsite hostname is approved. Once approved, the information in the three DNS Administrator fields will be forwarded to the DNS Administrator.  

All UC Berkeley websites, those in the domain, and any website affiliated with the University, must comply with both campus and UC-systemwide policies. 

Third-party “no-code” web hosting services are not suitable for UC Berkeley websites as they do not comply with Privacy, Brand Protection, Security, Accessibility, and other applicable policies. Examples of these hosting services include Squarespace, Weebly, Wix, and Webflow.

UC Berkeley's Principles of Community include "embracing open and equitable access to opportunities for learning and development as our obligation and goal." Now more than ever, this commitment applies to our digital presence, which includes any website with a hostname.

For more information on how to request a hostname for your website, see Guidelines for Websites on the Technology website. For more information about what this change means for website access compliance on existing third-party sites, see Website Access Requirements on the Disability Access and Compliance website.

Please contact for any questions or additional support.