Password Management with LastPass


Creating strong, unique passwords for each of your personal and work accounts isn't a chore when using a password manager - like LastPass. LastPass can generate and remember passwords for you - no more writing your passwords down and potentially exposing your credentials. Using strong and unique passwords on each of your accounts increases your personal and professional online security

UC Berkeley offers FREE LastPass Premium for all users with a CalNet ID.

Why Use a Password Manager?

  • Account breaches can happen when using weak passwords or reusing passwords across accounts. LastPass manages your logins, making it easy to have a strong, unique password generated for every online account; which improves your online security.

  • Security professionals recommend using a password manager for all your accounts. 

  • You only need to remember one password. LastPass uses one strong “master” password to protect the passwords of all your other accounts.  

  • LastPass uses strong encryption to ensure that access to your passwords is secure. No one, not even UC Berkeley or LastPass, can access your passwords.

  • Security challenge. The LastPass "Security Dashboard" will give you a personal security score.  This score looks for reused passwords or if any of your accounts have been involved in a breach.  You’ll learn how to improve your password security immediately.

  • Phishing protection. LastPass only fills your credentials into actual websites. For example, if you encounter a fake site that's identical in its look and feel, but uses a slightly different url from a real site LastPass recognizes the difference and will warn you and not auto-fill in your username and password.

Trust and Security

See CalNet's comprehensive list of why you should use and trust LastPass

LastPass Security Breach 2022

ISO is aware of the security breach disclosed by LastPass. Please see the following guidance and FAQ regarding the  LastPass security breach:

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