I've received an "IP address to transfer" message.

Here we explain what it means and what you need to do.

You've received the message because Netreg has encountered a mismatch between the security contact that claimed an IP address (individually or by subnet) and the security contact that registered a subdomain.

(Note: In Netreg the assignment of a subdomain enables the transfer of IP address responsibility to the right party, but does not assign security contact responsibility).

How do I get started?

What do I need to do to initiate a vendor security assessment with the Information Security Office?

Are there any drawbacks to using this service?

  • This service should not be used if you store restricted data.

  • Rules and profiles in the shared firewall are not customizable.

  • The only services on the protected side of the firewall that can be accessed from the unprotected side are printing and remote desktop services. These services can only be accessed from non-Calvisitor campus addresses.

  • Campus vulnerability scanners are allowed and there will be no firewall exceptions for devices that have issues with scanning

What are the benefits of using this service?

  • You don’t need to write your own firewall rules.

  • You don’t need to define security profiles.

  • Increased security using profiles that block systems from connecting to or receiving traffic from known bad addresses

  • Malicious content (spyware, attempts to exploit known vulnerabilities, etc.) will be stopped by the firewall

Who do I contact if I think my CalNet credentials were compromised?

If you believe your CalNet credentials have been compromised, you must reset your CalNet passphrase immediately.


How do I respond to copyright infringement allegations?

1.  As a "takedown notice" under the DMCA:

See The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and Related Resources

2.  As a legal action taken by the copyright holder’s legal representative, e.g. an Early Settlement Offer or a Subpoena: